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Meet your Coaches

Magic meets Science

Coach Michael 

Hi, I'm Coach Michael. My intention in creating DIYECS Health is to bring my extensive use and understanding of psychedelic medicine to help guide you on holistic ways to improve your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.


My only goal is to see you thrive!


In 2015, I microdosed LSD to help me quit drinking alcohol, and I was successful! This first self-experimentation with microdosing psychedelics began my journey toward lifelong health & wellness. Now, I'm a certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, in the best shape of my life: mentally, physically, and spiritually and excited to work with you!

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Coach Laura

Hi, I'm Coach Laura! I work with clients to visualize and actualize their most embodied, enlivened existence and actualize their greatest dreams for this life. We can use plant medicines to facilitate this process of change and growth. I find group coaching a powerful mechanism for even more amplified change and support.​

I am a full-time single mother and business leader. I show up in communities every day – lots of them – with the goal of using all my energy to create a coherent and positive future for my kids, friends, all the animals we tend (and tend to collect!), and all the life forms we touch each day.


Life is a gift and with each breath, we make a choice.

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