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Integrating Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Wellness with Client-Centered Coaching

Explore how microdosing can unlock profound personal growth and enhance your spiritual, physical, and mental health.

Discover the Mind Behind DIYECS Health:
Coach Michael

Coach Michael, a veteran in psychedelic medicine, has leveraged the benefits of microdosing to craft a unique wellness journey that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit. His extensive experience and deep compassion have enabled many to achieve their desired health and wellness goals through well-researched, safe, and effective microdsing psychedelic protocols.

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What is DIYECS Health?

DIYECS Health: Your path to consistent success with mental, physical, & spiritual wellness.

A groundbreaking blend of client-centered coaching and microdosing research.

Unlock the power of psychedelic medicine for holistic health transformation.

Tailored microdosing expertise to boost your spiritual wellness.

Join us for personalized coaching and achieve consistent success in your wellness journey.

Reach Your Health and Wellness Goals

Your Goals, Our Mission

At DIYECS Health, we're committed to helping you reach your pinnacle of mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Reach your peak mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Access the latest psychedelic research and neurologically-informed insights.

Discover microdosing for personal growth and deeper spiritual practices.

Explore our resources and expert guidance to support your wellness journey.

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How the DIYECS Health Program Works for You



Start with a private consultation to tailor the program to your needs.



Join our secure platform, designed to support your health goals every step of the way.



Actively participate in a program that evolves with you, enhancing your wellness and understanding of psychedelic benefits.

Microdosing Changed My Life

Transformation through Microdosing: A Personal Journey awaits

Transformation through Microdosing:

A Personal Journey Awaits

Dive into the transformative world of psychedelic coaching. Microdosing isn't just a practice — it's a gateway to heightened mental clarity, physical vitality, and spiritual awakening.

Discover why this path is gaining momentum among those seeking profound personal development.

Synergetic Supplements for Microdosing

Unlock the full potential of your microdosing experience with our comprehensive guide on synergetic supplements. Enhance your mental clarity, focus, and overall well-being with our expertly curated recommendations.

DIYECS Health prioritizes a holistic, functional medicine approach to enhance your microdosing experience. Our carefully curated selection of supplements is designed to support your journey towards optimal mental, physical, and spiritual health.

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Dive into the Transformative World of Psychedelic Coaching

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